Projects related to writing and publishing appear here, some of them in progress. Their contents are not a proper part of the embedded tutorials related to communication disorders (and similar).

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Prominence: from Sensation to Language

Doctoral Dissertation (1997)

Cognitive Science and Linguistics


This is the cover of the book entitled "Residual Trace."

Residual Trace: The Taleworthy Catastrophes of a Thrillseeking Child

This collection of loosely autobiographical short stories, essays, and recipes reflects on human diversity and the effects of a thrillseeking childhood on the consequent adult’s personality.

This work also helps to differentiate creative schizotypy from autism.

I do not want to immerse myself in an involved book project, but I do like to have things curated, so I am collecting various editorials and essays here (in a perpetual meantime).

My brain has always suggested new words to me, most of which are lost to time; recently, I have started writing them down.

Accessible Book: Accessory Genealogy

For various reasons, there exists no commercial, accessible version of Gabriel García Márquez’ 100 years of Solitude, either in English or the original Spanish (Cien años de soledad). While copyright restrictions allowed us to create an accessible version to accompany a purchased (inaccessible) volume, that ePub file cannot be distributed more generally (as that would compromise the hard copy sales); however, in the course of that project, we did extend the genealogical charts for the Buendía and Iguarán families. Beware: such charts contain spoilers.

 Genealogy of the Buendía and Iguarán families before the founding of Macondo 

 Genealogy of the Buendía family after the founding of Macondo 

The children of the Aragonese merchant and his wife were both born by 1569 (when Sir Francis Drake invaded Riohacha).

José and Úrsula were married at 19 years of age. They are first cousins, as are José's aunt and Úrsula's uncle (whose child was of José and Úrsula’s generation, and died at 42 years old).

Nicanor Ulloa (see the next chart) is also identfied as Úrsula's first cousin, which would have to be through a grandparent not also shared by José.

The “Shared” persons in the chart are one indiviual. There is no other grandparent whom José and Úrsula could share (a) without making the aunt and uncle siblings instead of first cousins, and (b) while leaving Úrsula to be an Iguarán originally (i.e., the shared grandparent would have to be female under the apparent naming conventions).

José and Úrsula are first cousins (married at 19 years of age).

José Arcadio Segundo and Aureliano Segundo are physically identical twins.

Rebeca is adopted, and claims a bishop as her first cousin.

In addition to Aureliano José, and the twins with Remedios Moscote, Colonel Aureliano Buendía had 17 sons by 17 different women, for whom only a few of the names are given, as follows: A. Triste (i.e., tr. “Sad”), A. Serrador (“Sawyer”), A. Arcaya (from a surname of Basque origin), A. Centeno (“Rye”), and A. Amador (“Lover”). These name translations do not appear in the story; they are posed here simply because the author drops all sorts of other clues to soft mysteries, and the import might have been intended to be apparent in Spanish.

Aureliano José was going to have had 7 children with Carmelita Montiel.

Interaction Design Capstone Project

UCSD Design Lab (Coursera)

This video is a walkthrough of a canned demo of my Capstone project, Reasoned Impulse, which is explained in more detail in this Medium article.

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