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About us

Clyr Ink Press tends to house scientific pursuits and writing projects (including apps), while other artistic endeavors now live over at Ymaginary Studios.

Clyr used to act as a collective resource for SLP/ATP services, but frankly, Trace is winding down and does not want to manage that part of the business anymore. We are now a loose collection of SpEd folks who support colleagues and other agencies to help them provide coordinated services in our community. We are in the process of removing the residual information about our former Services. Some of us still see people occasionally in their own private practice.

Eugene, OR

Trace is listed here first as this site is ultimately part of his expression of Self, and responsibility for the opinions expressed here lies entirely with him… with me.

Trace specializes in: cognition; personality (idiographic and nomothetic); sensory integration; semeiognomy; information and assistive technologies; argumentation and rhetorical analysis; and ontology… so, in sum, various kinds and degrees of being. (See more here.)

Trace currently works for Lane ESD.

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Eugene, OR (Potentially relocating to the SF Bay Area in the future)

Sara’s areas of specialization include: feeding and swallowing in schools; augmentative and alternative communication; social communication; and Rett Syndrome.

Sara currently works for Lane ESD.

Mary White, MS, CCC-SLP (she/her)

Eugene, OR

We will post more information about Mary soon.

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We don’t pathologize personalities.

This graph is a remnant of research that plotted the conceptual accessibility of written text according to sentence length and DW, where the graph itself despicts that area divided into 11 sectors (A-K) based on curves drawn.
This is a decorative shadow under the image of the conceptual accessibility graph.

The Clyr group (formerly Clyr Inc.) originally researched natural language processing with particular emphasis on ymage technology. We drew upon academic and industrial experience in cognitive science, linguistics, and systems design engineering, as well as professional certificates in technical training and systems administration. While we did get things off the ground, it was in much the same way that a penguin “flies” between the ice and the ocean (i.e., expelling air from its feathers to triple its speed underwater). Our research continues to richly inform our individual pursuits in communication disorders, assistive technology, recreational therapy, information engineering, and so on.

“Our research continues to richly inform our individual pursuits.”

Services support — not change — who you are.

Services - What we Do

TherapyOur icon for therapy is a speech bubble overlapping a thought bubble.


A Speech-Language Pathologist’s scope of practice is broad, and a detailed description is frankly overwhelming; in brief, we provide therapy (including evaluations) for the following expressive and receptive communication skills:

  • Speech sounds/signs: (super)fine motor processing, planning, execution
  • Language: word forms/meanings, creating sentences, social skills
  • Fluency: stuttering, cluttering
  • Voice (quality): pitch, loudness, resonance, vocal hygiene, transgender changes
  • Cognition: attention, memory, (dis)inhibition, planning, decision making, mirroring
  • Sensory (processing and integration): sensation, transduction, perception, and awareness
  • Feeding and Swallowing: oral through esophageal phases
  • Early skills: joint attention, voice and body signals with intent to communicate
  • Gestures: facial expression, body language, visuomanual signals

You can see how these give rise to such areas as:

  • listening and auditory processing
  • characteristics of autism
  • augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  • such academic areas as literacy (e.g., reading, writing, spelling) and numeracy

We want this list to be family-friendly, so it is neither technical nor exhaustive… it simply portrays the gist of what we do.

When I feel more motivated, i’ll also talk about what an Assistive Technology Professional does.

TrainingOur icon for training is our icon for our research, namely the Erlenmeyer flask, pouring into a beaker.


Our icon for apps is the clyr inkwell with text inside, where the text is a pair of curly brackets surrounding an ellipsis (to represent code).


We have been creating apps (iPadOS and macOS) to help improve people’s quality of access. An education service district typically cannot afford to also be a software development company, so all of them were developed outside of any concurrent employment (there or elsewhere), and are offered for free.

Now that these six are all fully supported, we will focus some attention on a couple of programs that should be of more general commercial interest... about which we shall in the meantime remain mysterious.

Here you can find our detailed Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions; in short, our apps collect no personal information… they were designed to be safe for use with students in schools.

ResearchOur icon for research is an Erlenmeyer flask partly filled with a bubbling liquid.


We have not been deeply involved in active research pursuits for a while now, due to our shift in focus towards the application of tangible products in educational settings; however, our therapy, training, and apps are all grounded in a considerable body of R&D (as well as in our fundamental expertise in statistical analysis, the evaluation of research quality, and so on).

So let us know if you have a collaborative project in mind.

We do have some white papers available regarding the existing Clyr search engine technology, namely: an introduction, an illustrative metaphor, and a description of what makes it distinct from other systems. We have a paper on semeiognomy basics, but that material has all been incorporated into the tutorial on communication disorders therapy in intensely special education.

OtherOur icon for other types of projects is a question mark in an open dyslexic font. It simply represents other services as yet to be specified.


Clyr Ink Press tends to be the face of our professional interaction with the community (give or take), whereas the Ymaginary Studios site  houses our personal activities more generally.

So those interests are also represented, whether or not they are ever associated with services and projects.

PricingOur icon for pricing is simply a dollar sign in an open dyslexic font.


Apps: Our current suite of six education apps are all offered for free. Contact us if you are interested in having us create apps for you, as the cost varies widely depending upon the project (e.g., how much of the actual programming we are doing, how much is design consultation for an app of your creation, whether the app is intended to be released for free for education, and so on). When it comes to apps being developed for education, which will also be offered for free, we likewise tend to offer our consultation free of charge.

Training: Access to the tutorial material on this site is free, We provide some guest presentations to classrooms for free, such as instruction for new teachers. For staff training at a for-profit venture, you will have to contact individual practitioners.

Therapy: Clyr no longer acts as a business for whom SLP/ATP people work, as such, but some of us still see clients in private practice. There is a chance that someone would find this information to be helpful for writing up a budget for a proposal or something, so we will leave it here just in case. Sessions for individuals (and small groups) are $120 for a 50-minute ‘hour’. Formal evaluations (including AAC/AT) are $120 (to cover report production), plus $120 per 60-minute hour, which typically takes two to three hours. (Consequent implementation of systems is approached as training, below.) Observations are $60 per hour (i.e., when there is no significant direct interaction with the client), whether that is informal (e.g., to render opinions about strategies for a job site) or as an indirect part of a formal evaluation (e.g., observing at home or in a classroom). The service required for ongoing maintenance of AAC/AT systems is so varied that the pricing must be discussed individually; that said, the ultimate goal is to bring a client and their family to be independent of external support.

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”

— Oscar Wilde

PricingOur icon for pricing is simply a dollar sign in an open dyslexic font.


“Once there was a little gorilla, and everybody loved him.”

— Ruth Bornstein

Allies and Partners

These are agencies whose missions we support in a variety of ways, at the very least personally (including morally and ethically), and sometimes professionally. We are not implying that any of their students use our services, but rather our intent is to gratefully recognize their valuable contributions to the people in our community. (Logos displayed with permission.)

“Our mission is to organize support, resources, and community for queer folks in the state currently known as Oregon.”

“Circle of Friends was founded on one simple concept: youth with severe impairments and challenges are just like anyone else – they deserve opportunities. Through resources, support, training, and a community built on compassion, we’re here to break the cycle of isolation for these individuals and the people who love them.”

“Dedicated to improving positive and equitable outcomes for students, families, and educators by providing access to a variety of resources, creating and supporting community enrichment projects, and assisting educators and partner organizations in their missions to promote equity in education and society.”

A is for Angry

by Sandra Boynton


A is for Salad

by Mark Lester



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