Lingering Suspicion

This is not a (damnéd) blog.

In a non-trivial sense, Lingering Suspicion is the perpetually-delayed quasi-sequel to Residual Trace (that I keep promising myself that I won’t get involved in writing). It’s an expression of opinions that don’t warrant posting elsewhere, but that should be collected somewhere. Much (but not all) of this is an extension of the existing tutorials. The headers below link to full articles.

This declaration regarding the terms “independent” and “autonomous” was not polite (i.e., “professional”) enough for a letter to ASHA, which is something that I could have fixed, however, (a) I don’t want to drain the expression of the emotion that I feel, and (b) they want to own whatever letters they publish (whereas I want to maintain my right to tweak whatever I write at whim).

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a dangerous type of snake oil known as conversion therapy.

People who live with Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria are also well familiar with the flipside experience of Recognition Responsive Euphoria, under which umbrella we find the more specific case of Acceptance Sensitive Euphoria (aka “instantly falling head over heels in love”).

Rather than portraying an Assistive Technology evaluation in terms of ‘tasks’ that are predominantly assigned to students, we might appeal instead to a perspective wherein a student might choose to engage in ‘processes’; in this way, we would adapt SETT into SEPT.

Contrary to the common “hallmark” model of autism, you can in fact be both Autistic and Empathic.

Texting, typing, stamping, and handwriting should not be IEP goals.

The different, canonical types of practice are complementary friends, not enemies. When they are used well (instead of abused), none of them destroy lives, crush individuality, torture animals, spin malicious webs of deceit, or otherwise put salt in the sugar bowl. And that includes the appropriate use of Practice-Based Evidence.

Some persons claim that just one person cannot make a difference (i.e., they don’t feel like trying to make a difference); however, that’s just an empty excuse. Ultimately, difference is only ever made by just one person.

When it comes to understanding how things work, there is a specific set of fundamental concepts that are well worth absorbing.

Spelling can be an important part of communication, but we should talk about Spelling to Communicate (S2C).

I hereby identify myself as residing in a specific area within Tourette Syndrome, which I have long been hiding for some very involved reasons, none of which are fear or shame. I should have done this long ago.

There is a nontrivial sense in which the Hydra Oil tutorial is part of Lingering Suspicion, akin to an umbrella under which many of these editorialized opinions and mini-lessons reside.

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