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I understand that many people feel inspired by Alexandria Zachos and all of the Meaningful Speech materials, which is wonderful. Such people take away information that has been very helpful in their therapeutic practices, which is likewise fantastic.

Nonetheless, the explanation given as to why the therapy works is all heavily and explicitly grounded in GLP terminology, prominently including a significant reliance on “delayed echolalia” as equated with the function of “scripting.”

The research is said to be forthcoming.

Please note the distinction: the therapy might well be worth saving (given the rave reviews), even when the explanation is not the truth.

My hope is that in the process of conducting this research-in-progress, the people who are involved will (a) improve the sufficiency of their knowledge so as to (b) update the theoretical underpinning of the program, where they can then (c) lead others to make increasingly informed decisions about their healthcare.



Truthfully inform the people for whom you have a duty of care.

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Before we continue, I would feel better (more cautious) if we could first call attention to an important principle in the exposure of quackery.

Some of Zachos’ admirers have already risen in her personal defense. They find (and have found) her to be a highly valuable source of information, and I truly understand why her training is illuminating for many people. It is important that (a) her message is getting out there, and (b) it has had profoundly beneficial effects on some people; however, some such beneficiaries are not being critical consumers across the entire message, so the s(t)inker is being swallowed along with the hook and line, which means that even the parts that are not the truth are influencing therapy.

I hurt some of Zachos’ supporters with an earlier expression of my concern. I was careless, and played too rough among friends. I hope that I have been much more careful this time. I have also tried to temper any particularly pointed delivery with wry good humor.

Given that apologia, here’s the caveat: If you choose to publicly represent a product that affects the well-being of other people, then you elect yourself to be just as publicly reviewed as its representative, and to accept adult responsibility for the consequences of your choice. This principle applies to me as much as it does to anyone else.

So I am not attacking Alexandria Zachos, or her adherents. I am identifying some inaccuracies that the supporters of this program should address before they continue to let their insufficient knowledge affect other people; similarly, I expect that other people will subject me and my own ignorance to the same standard. 

Please keep that purpose in mind when you balance the following priorities, namely: (a) the zeal with which we protect feelings, versus (b) the fervor with which we should be indemnifying others from the harmful consequences of our possible malpractice.

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