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Suggested Reading


This area contains documentation for download, and a list of suggested reading.


Prominence: from Sensation to Language (PDF)

Mansfield, Tracy (1997) Prominence: from Sensation to Language. Dissertation: University of California at San Diego (La Jolla, CA). Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International.

Abstract of the dissertation

Residual Trace: The Taleworthy Catastrophes of a Thrillseeking Child (PDF)

Residual Trace

This collection of loosely autobiographical short stories, essays, and recipes reflects on human diversity and the effects of a thrillseeking childhood on an adult's personality.

While I am making this PDF available here, it was designed as an ePub, which is available (for free) for various devices on such sites as Smashwords, iBooks Store, and so on.

Lingering Suspicion

Lingering Suspicion

This project is still in progress, and might well never be completed.

White Papers (PDF)

Ymage Technology Introduction

Synonymy, polysemy, and cross-reference are typical problems faced by natural language processing projects.

Illustrative Metaphor

Communication is like a card game.

Semeiognomy Basics

Forms and ymages link together to make symbols, and communication is a symbolic process.

Technology Distinction

One of the best ways to describe Clyr technology is to present an analysis of how we used to do things differently than our competitors.

Suggested Reading

The materials on this list are representative of the studies that have positively influenced Clyr technology, but which we naturally do not have available for download here. We have included ISBNs and typical call numbers to help you find them.

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