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Sunday, November 28th, 2021 (02:45:07 AM)

December 27th, 2014 8:46 am     A+ | a-
So, it has taken me only one month's worth of neglect to confirm that blogging is not my thing.

Any further posts should be a rarity indeed.

I simply don't tend to be a spontaneous writer, at least, not to an audience beyond email. But that's because writing is an external(ized) form of thinking, and I am not a spontaneous thinker. (I can be a *quick* thinker, but those two attributes are not the same.) I like to playfully mull and edit and fiddle and so forth before I reveal my enshrined thoughts, largely because I am not sure what I think about something until I've thought it through thoroughly.

Plus I care more about myself as a reader than I do about others. I have no real concern over writing for more than just a few people whom I know personally. I don't know how my preferences stack up against those of a typical writer (as such); perhaps writers in general are self serving. I have no confident idea of how often or deeply other writers are concerned with the breadth of their readership (beyond those whose livelihood is based on audience size).

I enjoy the detailed creation of the thing of the written material. For me, the spirit of blogging is not right for that. I suppose that there are authors who do use blogs to publish their polished essays and so forth, and I'm not in any position to get all prescriptive about the appropriate format for releasing material. ("Oh hell, should that have been a tweet or a status update or a... *what*?") FWIW, I just don't personally feel comfortable with using a blog that way.

And when it comes to using a blog for releasing works of lesser scope (e.g., "What I Considered Eating for Breakfast this Morning before Deciding to Eat Something Else"), I have no interest in the specific combination of (a) internet (b) social (c) nattering (i.e., "Sosh Opera"). Not to deride folks for whom that fosters actual social connectivity. It's just not for me. Or I'm not for that. Or both.

All that said, since I put my book out there, I find that I do still occasionally have some further things that I would like to say, but then the urge passes (largely because I know that no one beyond the range of spoken conversation is really interested). Some sort of "significance" threshold would really have to be crossed by quite a margin before I'd go to the trouble of publishing thoughts again in any notable measure.

Maybe, if I actually ever do write anything else, I'll just use this blog to let folks know that there is something more to see on the Documents download page. But who would actually see it? No one whom I would not otherwise notify in person, or by email.

Which pretty much rounds out anything else that I might usefully write here.

But it was entertaining getting the blog working, and making the thing of it.
Michelle Gross
November 1st, 2017 2:34 pm
I visited here via! Did you know there was once a rift between cognitive science and linguistics at UCSD? Thanks for this page, which shows rift no longer....
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